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All aspects of high and low risk obstetrics are managed by Dr. Lawrence. He has delivered in excess of 6,000 babies.

Safety for both mother and baby is his highest priority.

Dr Lawrence delivers at Cabrini Hospital, Waverley Private Hospital and Jessie McPherson Hospital (within Monash Medical Centre).


Dr. Lawrence has extensive experience in the management of all aspects of benign gynaecological disease. Colposcopic assessment of abnormal Pap smears is available at the time of consultation.

Dr. Lawrence has extensive experience in the investigation and medical/surgical management of severe endometriosis using the latest advanced laparoscopic surgical techniques. He had a long association as a specialist gynaecologist with the Endometriosis Association of Victoria.

Dr. Lawrence provides written information to patients at the time of consultation on most gynaecological procedures. He is always available for further discussion on any aspect of upcoming surgery.

Dr. Lawrence’s staff will always provide costing for any planned surgical procedure if required.


Infertility investigation and management is a major focus of Dr. Lawrence’s practice. He is a senior infertility specialist at Monash IVF and has extensive experience in all aspects of infertility management including ovulation induction and IVF procedures.

Infertility is a distressing and emotional problem of couples. Dr. Lawrence’s aim is to provide a sympathetic and caring approach while ensuring that all investigation and management is carried out in an efficient manner. If IVF is required, this can be organized without any significant delay through his long association as a senior specialist clinician at Monash IVF. Dr Lawrence was a board member for Monash IVF and is a former chairman of Monash Fertility Specialists. For further information please see the Monash IVF link.


Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation

No drugs, no surgery and no invasive probes! Magnetic pelvic floor stimulation offers new hope in restoring normal bladder function.

This breakthrough technology builds strength and endurance back into the pelvic floor muscles. The process is similar to Kegel exercises for the pelvic floor however, this system performs the exercises for the patient in a more complete and effective manner than the patient could do on their own. No active participation by the patient is required.

Treatments are twice weekly, painless and take 20 minutes. The complete course takes eight weeks approximately.


Vaginal Atrophy

We are excited to introduce a new nonsurgical treatment for vaginal atrophy!

Monalisa Touch is a revolutionary 10 minute laser treatment that is providing lasting improvements for those women affected by the symptoms of vaginal atrophy including:

  • Vaginal itching and burning
  • Vaginal dryness
  • Loss of lubrication
  • Vaginal laxity
  • Painful sexual intercourse

As we age our oestrogen levels begin to decline and this can cause vaginal atrophy. Mona lisa Touch works by stimulating the body’s own regenerative processes to create more hydrated and healthy cells.

The procedure takes only 10 minutes and there is no downtime which means you can return to your day to day activities more or less immediately. Most patients report a noticeable improvement after just one session however, it is advised they undergo a series of three treatments, one month apart, followed by a maintenance treatment at 12 months or on an as needed basis.

Contact our rooms on 9887 8566 to make an appointment to assess your suitability for this exciting new vaginal rejuvenation.




Support during pregnancy for your wellbeing

The physical strain of pregnancy can start at around 17-20 weeks, sometimes earlier. SRC Pregnancy Shorts support the body and reduce discomfort and pain associated with pelvic instability, vulval varicosities, lower back pain, sciatica, pelvic joint inflammation and varicose veins of the upper thigh. They provide support and aid mobility so you can work and exercise pain free throughout your pregnancy.

SRC Pregnancy to the rescue

Invented by women for women, these unique garments are nothing short of miraculous! With the adjustable waistband, they can be worn from 12 weeks until late term. The patented designed gusset panel supports the perineal area and can help reduce the feeling of pressure in that area. The lightweight fabric is breathable and provides maximum support without any feeling of restriction.


Recover your pre-pregnancy shape faster

After delivery and before you’ve started to feel like yourself again, change into your Recovery Shorts to help you look a little more like the old you. Designed for wear in the first 8-10 weeks, but can be worn for as long as they provide benefit. Once you return to light exercise, they will support your body and actually help you regain your pre-baby shape faster.

SRC Recovery Shorts aid mobility and provide stability to the back, abdomen, pelvic region and upper legs. The patented gusset panel design is vital for support and post birth healing; especially helping to reduce episiotomy wound pain. The anatomical panels also help to support caesarean wound areas by stimulating blood flow, which aids in tissue healing.


Call (03) 9887 8566 or email info@dralawrence.com.au to speak to our fully trained and experienced fitters. All sizes available at our rooms.

What to bring to your initial appointment

  • Referral

  • Health Insurance Details

  • Medicare Card

  • Relevant test results or x-rays